Ice Kold (WS23 Cooling Agent) – ELC Concentrates




WS23 cooling agent, an additive used in many Malaysian E liquids, have recently become a popular choice for many wanting to add an icy / chill-effect to their e juices. Our Ice Kold product is essentially a blend of ws23 crystals in propylene glycol. Ice Kold, is well known to many, and is now being widely in the local e liquid market.

  • WS-23 (20%).
  • A variation to Koolada
  • An additive, used to create an ice cold effect.
  • Popular additive used in Malaysian E-Juices
  • Creates a cooling effect without a menthol taste.

 Suggested Usage for E-Juices: (1% – 2%)

Key Ingredients

  • WS23
  • Propylene Glycol

***Product may cause irritation to those sensitive to Koolada / Menthol